Friday, March 23, 2007

Our Expedition

Every great once in awhile (usually with the turning of the seasons) Daddy comes to us girls with a request. We can usually guess his mission before he says a word -- it's time for new 'singing outfits'!

And thus we embark on a lengthy -- but often fairly successful -- search. Today was "the day", and this time we were in hopes of finding two sets, as we haven't added anything new since last summer. So with our list of favorite Lincoln stores (and the prayers of a few friends -- thanks Abi!), we headed out.

It's always an 'exciting' challenge to find colors and styles we like in the variety of sizes......Men's department; ladies petite; woman's section; size 8-16 boys; little boys; size 8-16 girls; baby department........and you get the picture. Before long we end up with our arms full of bags and receipts, mentally calculating that we do indeed have something for everyone!!!

And today we came home especially rejoicing -- the Lord helped us find two 'sets'! After visiting about 20 stores (and some of them twice!!!), we were so grateful that in only 8 hours of shopping everything came together as we hardly dared hope!!!

I know this may seem a real tiny detail in the big scheme of things, but I'm so thankful that God does answer prayer and that He cares about the small things in life. Even down to placing 'J.C. Penny' next door to 'Christopher & Banks'. [smile]

My wonderful 'shopping pal' (who rarely gets on that side of the camera). Love ya!!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW! That is a lot of shopping. I'm so thankful you got it all done. You will have to post pictures of you all dressed up in your new outfits!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. You could use a few more like that.

As for clothes shopping, guys can usually do this in about 15 minutes. And some of them may actually fit.

Richard, your OTF

KarenW said...
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Karen Wiebe said...

Praise the Lord! I know how hard that can be. But He is always faithful to provide what we need and He knows exactly what we like!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh my...the new outfits are SO bright and happy!! :) I especially like the white skirts from Dress Barn(grin)!!!

All your color choices blend so well--I just can't wait to see them 'in person'!!

Praise be to the matchless name of Jesus. He surely did 'exceedingly, abundantly above all that we asked, or thought'!

Bunches of HUGS and lovin'!

Your 'across the miles' Come-with :)

Kori said...

I like the new outfits! The colors are so bright and colorful! I can't wait to see ya'll in them!

BrittLeigh said...

Oh my, that actually sounds kind of fun. ;) I have to say a hearty congratulations in the success of your endeavor... Shopping's a big job, even if it is fun ;)... :) I love the outfits! You guys are going to look GREAT! (as usual ;))

~AliisaJoy~ said...

They look great!! The colors all go together so nicely. Can't wait for a picture of you all in them.

Jackie said...

I know how much work that is! Except what happens with us is that we usually just buy clothes when we see them on for a good deal [or if there are some very nice clothes out there which you know will get sold out of very quickly!]

Can't wait for a picture with you in them all!! =D

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of clothes! And the colors are great!-I think Alicia and I would both agree that JC Penny is a wonderful store:)
Can't wait to see you all.

Amanda Rothschiller

Bontragers said...

Great job! Ya'll always come up with such nice outfits! Way to go shoppers!!!!!
Allison Bontrager