Monday, March 26, 2007

In HiS time...

Well, it's about time for another 'bus post' ! We are so very grateful for the Lord's direction as it has become more clear just recently. Last week Dad and Josiah flew to San Antonio to look at a very promising option, but came home empty-handed.

We have been looking online and via friends for other buses on the market, but nothing has been both economical or practical. Until this weekend. Our friends -- the Todd Allen family -- have recently decided to upgrade their bus -- offering us their current 'home'. While it will take a few adjustments to make it fit our needs (i.e. -- adding a few more bunks!!!), it is already beautifully converted, family-style, and is mechanically in great shape.

Our current plans are for Dad, our uncle Lyle, and Hannah to fly to northern Florida tomorrow to check out the bus in person -- and drive it home!

We are so grateful for the Lord's provision and timing on all of this! We'll have the bus for about two weeks before heading to the West Coast. Thank you for your prayers!!!

"But my God shall supply all your need
according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
Phil. 4:19


Doogie J. said...

Praise God for providing. And from Florida, none the less! He always has the best for us. His timing is different than ours, but is always on time. I will continue to support you with prayer.

Kori said...

Everything works out in HIS time! :) Praise the Lord for providing a bus! Ya'll have been so faithful and patient and waited for Him to provide the bus He wanted for you. It's all in His time... And it's from Florida! That's really cool!! :)

rehm family said...

"Praise my soul, the King of heaven. To His gate your tribute bring!"

We rejoice with you in the Lord's provision for y'all! And can't wait to see the NEW 'Wissmann home', Lord willing. :) Sure is a snazzy looking one!

In Awe of His love,
The Rehm family

Kris said...

That is so exciting, I am glad that everything is working into place! It is every fun to see the Lords work at hand. I will continue to pray for your family, and am looking forward to seeing you, and the new bus, in June! Oh and I will get those addresses to you soon, that is if Megan hasn't bet me to them! :D God Bless

Victoria said...

The Lord is faithful!!!

Goldfish said...

Praise the Lord! KInd of funny that it is from Florida! :) And i agree with the Rehm Family, it is snazzy! You should have a picture of you with your new clothes and the bus!~ :)

KarenW said...

Praise the Lord! HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.
I will still be praying for you all.

Bob said...

Praise God that he provide the right bus for you and in his time. God is so faithful to us all.

Bob Payne

Jackie said...

Hopefully it all works out for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new bus! The Lord always shows a way! Hope everything works out for Yall:)
I'll continue to pray for you all.

Amanda Rothschiller

Loewen family said...

It is so wonderful how the Lord has provided for you again! His timing is just perfect!