Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Happy 19th Birthday Andrew!!!
Andrew, thank you for the huge blessing you are to our family -- for the countless times you've cheered us with your humor and been the peacemaker amongst us, for the beautiful music you lend to our quiet evenings at home, for the kind ways you teach your younger siblings new skills, and for the manly way you watch out for your sisters. We are so grateful God sent you to our family, and for your unique talents that brighten our lives. We love you!!!

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand."
Psalms 37:23 & 24

If you haven't noticed yet, for all our birthdays we've been sharing 'little known facts' about the birthday person. So here are a few little known facts about Andrew:
  • He enjoys eating (Oh, no wait. This was 'little known facts'.....)
  • He has quite the reputation in our family for his sleep walking and talking escapades
  • His actual birthday is February 29 -- a Leap Year baby! So up till now, he has only had 4 actual birthdays.
  • Daddy delivered him because the midwife didn't make it to the birth
  • He used to have his own dog named Dixie
  • He is the only Wissmann to have needed braces (so far!)
  • He could do 450 non-stop pushups at age 12.
  • He lost over 15 pounds these last two weeks because of being sick
  • He is our only brown eyed boy
  • He commited his life to Christ at the age of 6

And the age-old question is asked again this year --should we celebrate his birthday on February 28th or March 1st!? [smile]


Anonymous said...

why not on both days he is worth it

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!! I hope you have a great day (or time=) celebrating! Thanks for putting Christ first in your life.
JConner Isa.33:6
I love posting this at 10:15 when your birthday wasn't announced until 10:37.

Goldfish said...

Celebrate it on the 28th-- my grandpa's birthday! :) I love all the "little known facts"-- they are always so interesting! :) Happy birthday, Andrew!

Okay, like I said/typed, whatever! :) on my last comment, my brain is gone, Adios!!

Kori said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!! I think you should celebrate it today! (March 1st) So we can celebrate with ya'll!!! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! 15 POUNDS! Did you miss more than one meal???
Hope you have a great non-birthday!

Kris said...

Well Happy Birthday to you. Hope that you had a great birthday. You should cause the weather looks nice! 450 push ups that is crazy! well we have to go to class now so Happy Birthday.

Kris and Amanda

BrittLeigh said...

Yeah, I agree with Kori, celebrate it today then for once my birthday wishes won't be belated :).

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Andrew!! Celebrate it today! It's the beginning of a new month!! I'm so jealous; the weather looks nice down there. We have a huge storm. :(

Anonymous said...

I hope you live long enough to finally grow up.
Happy birthday.

A member of the Hipps family

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! May you continue to follow the Lord with all your heart!

Bob said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. Hope that you had a great day and that the Lord will continue to bless you.

Bob Payne

Burlington Iowa

Josiah D. Wissmann said...

Happy birthday Andrew!! Such a good friend, brother, just a all around good guy. I am so thankful for a brother like you. Love you lots. Your big brother, Josiah. Proverbs 3:5&6

Esther said...

I've been curious to know what day you celebrated your birthday. I was wondering if maybe you do a celebration in the middle of the night, you know, around midnight? :) Next year you get to celebrate it on your birthday for 24 hours! I hope you have a great birthday, whatever day you celebrate it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes
to a great guy…..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy. How does it feel to be 4? smile Or how does it feel to be 19? I will be shooting you
with rubber-bands when you get back.

Your Bud,

Anonymous said...

Wow, Happy Birthday, Andrew! Enjoy being 19.

Caleb said...

Happy birthday Andrew! May the LORD continue to bless your life as you draw closer to Him!

450 pushups @ 12 years. That's mouth-droppin' incredible. :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Andrew,that is amazing how many pushups you could do:D now how many can you do