Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Weakness, His Strength

"My grace is sufficient for thee:
for My strength is made perfect in weakness."
2 Cor 12:9

We have found this verse so true this week. Thank you for your notes of encouragement and prayers. Through the weaknesses of sore throats, a minor fever-bug we've been passing around, and the 18+ policy, the Lord continues to show us that His grace is sufficent. And actually these challenges have been a good thing -- they over and over remind us that we are dependent on HIM!

Thus far we have been in 3 prisons. Each night we had a large, enthusiastic group. The verse, "He who is forgiven much, loves much" comes to life in a prison. The lyrics we've sang hundreds of times seem afresh once again as we see them resonate in the hearts of these captive -- but FREE! -- men and women.

A most incredible moment happened the first night during "I'll Break the Chains"--

"I finally fell down on my knees, crying 'Save my soul, Lord, please!'
Jesus heard my painful, desperate sound.
The Savior cleansed my soul pure white, I'm now guiltless in His sight
Glory to His name -- I'm heaven bound!"

When we hit that final phrase, the men jumped to their feet in applause and cheers.

Oh, the wonder, the miracle, the GIFT of salvation! In that moment it's glory was shown us once again. For we all have been forgiven much -- it's only our false perception that says their need was greater.

I could write for the next hour about other details and experiences of each of the other services. But for now, hopefully this give you a glimpse of how the Lord has been working! Thank you, again for your prayers. In our weakness, He is strong!


Sarah said...

Praise the Lord!

I'll look forward to reading more stories as you travel and hearing more when y'all get back :)

Andrea said...

How exciting to hear of the Lord's workings there! "I'll break the chains that bind...." what an appropriate song giving hope to those who are physically in chains but who can experience the glorious freedom God gives!

Anonymous said...

and it is a Blessing to read how his grace and forgivness is poured
out to them in your music

Megan said...

WOW!!! That must be such an AWESOME exerience! Isn't it amazing how some songs certainly have SO much meaning?!!

Rachel--I sang in Alive! last year (wish I could have been in longer), the one year my mom was NOT in it, so she enjoyed me being in it, but... That was the group I was in where we got to sing in a prison. Nothing like it. It was such a wonderful experience. No one would let me be myself (for which, I was glad!)On a lighter note, some of the guys in the group were joking how 'it was good to be back home!' :D)
Actually, I think they are going to record a new CD this year. I can HARDLY wait!

20 weeks and 2 days until camp!!

BrittLeigh said...

Wow, what a touching post. Thanks so much for sharing how God is working in your lives--ever perfecting His strength. He is so amazing. I'm continuing to pray for you guys!

Coeur d'Court said...

Your post just thrilled me tonight! How awesome those men can experience freedom in Christ though still bound by man-made chains. What an encouragment that song must've been for them -- as evidenced by their exuberant response. Thanks for the update.

OH, and please do take time to spend hours posting all the news from your trip! It sounds so exciting and such wonderful answers to prayer.