Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baby face

No fair! Here I plan all day on blogging a 'Charissa post', and my sister beats me to it! [smile] But can there ever be too many pictures taken of babies!? At the risk of being redundant, here are a few more pictures of our bundle of joy. And to add a fun history twist, do you think she resembles an earlier Wissmann baby?!

(Oh -- top photo compliments of Andrew -- would hate to leave out the credits! [smile] But really, I was the one making her smile. And Bethany's camera took the picture.....okay! I guess everything we do turns into a family project!!!)


Anonymous said...

So.....umm........who is the cute baby in the picture on the left of Charissa?!?!
The baby is wearing blue, so my first thought is that it is one of the boys.....My guess would be either Stephen or Nathanael.
I await in great suspense!!! :)
Charissa sure is CUTE!!!

Megan said...

She is SOOooooo cute!!

rachel said...

Good guess! Actually, colors may be deceiving as the baby on the left is, in fact, one of us sisters. :)

BrittLeigh said...

So, so, so....... CUTE!!!! Those cheeks just make me smile :D. She is soooo adorable!

And I'm guessing she looks like her big sister sweet Elizabeth...? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok. My guess is Ruth??


The Two Sisters said...

We think it is Elizabeth??? Charissa is getting so very chubby, and growing so fast. We hardly recognized her! She still is very cute and adorable though! Give her some kisses for us. We miss you!

With our love,
The Two Sisters

The Ansons said...

THat face is ALL Rachel! (I think:) Let us know!

rachel said...

Congrats to LA [smile]. You must have experience in baby identification!!! Yep, it's me. Though I'll have to hunt up Elizabeth's pictures, 'cause they used to say she looked like me, too, in babyhood. But isn't it wonderful how each child is its own little person -- nobody a carbon-copy of another!?! Although there are similarities, Charissa has her own 'look'. :)

The Two Sisters said...

Rachel had crossed our minds...and if you have dial-up it loads slow enough that you just get to see the eyes for awhile!:) And when you see those, you definitely see Rachel(but we'd already left our comment by then!). Thank you for not keeping us in suspense to long. What a darling 'baby face' you both had!


PS--Congrats on the correct guess LA!

Carly said...

I was going to guess Rachel, (yes, I was!) but I forgot to. :-P