Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Every Generation

From my earliest memories, the delight of climbing into a car (back when the Wissmanns all fit in a car!!!) to visit an elderly friend or relative will always bring a smile to my heart. Often we would go with Grandma, or bake bread with Mom to leave them a 'we-care' package. Their eyes would sparkle and laugh as we’d visit or sing (our first little 'concerts)'. When we’d say good bye they’d always wave and welcome us back 'anytime'.

Looking back, I'm sure there were many other activities that could have crowded into Mom and Grandma's schedule (there were 5 of us children under the age of 7). The ‘to do’ list would be endless!! But I am so grateful they made time to honor and care. They taught us by example that it is more blessed to give that to receive -- and that joy is multiplied when shared with others!

And so it brought back these special memories as we were able to share at a couple retirement homes this past week. Bethany caught the following moments on film……er, digital file:

"One generation will praise Thy works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts."
Psalm 145:4


Megan said...

This might be (one of) my favorite post(s)!!! I love it! It reminds me of camp--when we went to the retirement home in Ashley. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel! I love how you put this post together!! It brings back such special memories of when we were all so little, though I don't remember it all quite as well as you do! :)

You always do such a great job of keeping our family journal updated - I enjoy reading how you balance current events with past "Wissmann History!" Love you sis!

Rachel said...

Hi Bethany! What a surprise to have a comment from you -- one of my all-time favorite bloggers!!! :) Your pictures bring any small thought of mine to life! Love you, dear sister of mine!

journey said...

Ok, I just have one question. How come Rachel dosen't have a picture and Bethany does? I know someone who is a good photographer. A picture isn't a picture unless there is a thumb print in it.

rehm family said...

What a touching post! It hits close to home with Gpa in a care facility. Everyone truly is precious in His sight, and this post portrays that fact well. The older generation has such an appreciation for values, family, and things that are of great weight. Thank you Rachel, for taking time to blog your thoughts--they were wonderful and inspiring!

We love you and miss you,
The Rehm's

PS--I'd have to echo Megan's comment too! That's what came to mind for me as well.:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new arrival!!! It brought tears to my eyes, and a bit of jealousy too. I love the blog, and am encouraged to see your family being such an example to many in glorifying God. May his blessing of wisdom and protection continue with you.
Ruby, for all the Troyers (ohio)