Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I was recently challenged by the following quote. How easy it is to hurry about the 'to do' list without first starting the day with what our family calls "quiet time" -- Bible reading and prayer. I need this constant reminder, for the truth is -- "without Me [Jesus] you can do nothing." (John 15:6)

"It needs time to grow into Jesus the Vine: do not expect to abide in Him unless you will give Him that time.....

.....Come, my brethren, and let us day by day set ourselves at His feet, and meditate on this Word of His, with an eye fixed on Him alone. Let us set ourselves in quiet trust before Him, waiting to hear His holy voice -- the still small voice that is mightier than the storm that rends the rocks -- breathing its quickening spirit within us, as He speaks: "Abide in Me."
---Andrew Murray


Anonymous said...

Wow... timely reminder! Thanks for sharing that. Great pics too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great reminder. Often our lives can just get so full. I know I need my daily devotion with God or I can forget how good he is!!! Isn't it funny how we as humans need to be reminded so often about the awesome works of God?!


abi said...

Thank you so much Rachel, for the powerful post and great reminder! It just reinforced what God has been impressing on my heart...time with Him is most important! Truly, He who calls us is faithful. I am SO thankful for that!

Beautiful, moving, and fitting pictures. Your simple post blessed my heart!

Anonymous said...

hay great pics hehehe
I need to try to open my heart to quite time. thanks for bring it to the forfront of my mind.
As of yet I seem to only have time to thank God for allowing my feet again to touch the ground and another day to get it right