Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home Projects

We've been enjoying family time this week -- working on projects varying from sandblasting to homemaking and all those 'someday' projects. Just for fun I scurried around with the camera this afternoon to catch some of the activity. Unfortunately I rarely make it to the milking parlor or the blasting rig, so our menfolk didn't get in the pictures. But for a glance at our day:

Of course, practicing continues -- we enjoy all the live music!

The younger girls work on their 'to do' list....

....and Bethany works away on her latest quilting project.

Banana bread, anyone? Too bad you can't scratch and sniff! Mm-m-m-m!

Ruth tackled the biggest project this week with re-upholstering our sofa.

And more kitchen smiles!

"A happy family is but an early heaven"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictures!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!? No pictures of Charissa?!?!?!
Great pictures, none-the-less; thanks for sharing them! :)
(Banana Bread sounds of-so good!)

Melanie said...

Wow Ruth--that is quite a project with the couch! You all look so diligent in your inspire me!

Anonymous said...

neivAn update--yeh! More pictures--hurray! What beautiful fabric you found for your couch. It's looking lovely, Ruth!

All the photos make us want to be there helping.:) Since we can't, we'll just send hugs 'across the miles' instead! Will that make the projects any easier?!?!

Love, and Prayers!
I think you know who(laugh)

Anonymous said...

awww, the pics are GREAT! That quilt project is beautiful, Bethany! And I really like new look you're giving the loveseat, Ruth! Banana bread... mmm, I could handle some about now :D. I'm hankering for a sweet glimpse of your darling baby though... I miss her!

Love you guys!