Friday, September 22, 2006


With thanks to our webmaster, we have our updated fall/winter ministry schedule now posted. While there are several services still pending, this will hopefully give you an idea where we will be in the upcoming months. We're looking forward to these opportunies -- and maybe seeing many of you in person yet this year!?!!

Also, as we have extra 'home time' this month, we are working on our 2007 schedule. If you're interested in having our family share a concert in your area/church, please contact us soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I know of a driveway you can park your bus in... :D

the rehm family said...

Ya, we have one you can park in too! The only problem is that it looks like you won't be in our area.:( It is open always though--if you happen to be close by!:)

Thanks for the schedule update. We are praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You guys will certainly be busy! May the Lord work through all of your lives as he has done in the past.