Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pink or Blue!?

"...You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother's womb...
My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in secret...
How precious are Your thoughts to me, O God!"
Psalm 139:13,15, &17

Can anything match the excitement of preparing for a baby? The 'ohh' and 'ahhh's over each tiny little outfit ("Was I ever that small??"), the fragrance of the baby soap and powder, and watching little faces light up each time they feel a 'kick' from this new little brother or sister! The joy and wonder of meeting this new person.

And praying for a good, healthy birth. Our whole family sends a big 'thank you' to so many of you who have been praying for Mom during the last 9 months -- and especially now as the time grows near. We'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, the question continues -- will it be a boy or girl?! Anyone want to venture a guess?!


Anonymous said...

Wow! We get to be the first to enter the guessing game! :)
Most of the family is in bed, but here are the votes for those awake... you'll get the rest tomorrow!
Dad: pink
Mom: blue
Tiffany: blue
More tomorrow from the other five! :)
Love & Prayers - Chmelar Owls

BrittLeigh said...

Honestly, my opinion rests squarely on this: either or.

For some reason I kind of think of tiny Wissmann as blue, but then I see a little tuft of dark hair and a pink bow.

Praying everyday for you guys and especially sweet Mrs. Wissmann and the child she carries. I can not wait to meet Pink or Blue, and pray always for a safe and healthy delivery.

The Ansons said...

I am guessing a boy- born 9-15, at 7:24am. He will weigh 9 lbs even. Thats my guess! Praying for you all.


Christie said...

Yes, Rachel - the internet will be a wonderful way to stay in touch! If you'd like to email, my address is kc.noll@hotmail.com
We're praying for the safe arrival of Wissman #13 - can't wait to hear if the baby is a boy or a girl!

Kourtney said...

Pink. But what ever God blesses you with we all know it will be so precious and perfect! God bless you and the soon-to-be new Wissmann!
Kourtney Pyle

Anonymous said...

Color Pink, weighs 7lbs and 4oz. Will be born 9-16. and will delivered between 12 Am and 12 Pm..... and will look like a Wissmann.:):)
I am a Pink
I awiat the news!!!

Kori said...

hmmm my guess is a boy... I can't wait for find out for sure! It is so wierd to think there is going to be another little Wissmann! :) I'm so excited! I'll continue praying for all of you, expiecally your mom! Love and miss you all!

Carly N. said...

Here's mine: There is a one-hundred percent chance that it will be either pink or blue. ;-)

Laura H. said...

Brown haired, brown eyed pink :)

Anonymous said...

Oh...I have my inklings, but can't say that one stands out in stark contrast to the other! Will just have to wait and see!

Continued prayers for our dear Mommy, and the coming 'Baby Wissmann', as well as each one of you. We are eagerly waiting on the edge of our seats for the exciting news of who our new little sibling is?!:)

May His presense go before each of you!

Caleb said...

I'll guess a boy.....just for laughs and giggles! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh, tough question!!!! I imagine your new blessing to be a blue!! Can't wait to meet him/her!!! :) Keep us posted!!! :)

journey said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess, a small treasure wrapt in Gods big hand and formed to look like a Wissmann. PRAYING