Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 26th Anniversary Dad and Mom!

There are so many things we could write, but the words to your wedding song say it so well. Thank you for giving us the godly heritage of keeping Jesus first in your life, and therefore showing us the sacred -- yet gloriously fun -- gift of marriage. We love you!

I could never promise you on just my strength alone,
That all my life I'd care for you -- and love you as my own.
I never know the future, I can only see today.
Words that last a lifetime would be more than I could say.

But the love inside my heart today is more than mine alone --
It never changes; never fails; never seeks its own.
And by the God Who gives it, and Who lives in me and you,
I know the words I speak today, are words I'm going to do.

So I stand before you now for all to hear and see,
And promise you in Jesus' name the love He's given me.
And through the years on earth, and as eternity goes by,
The life and love He's given us, are never going to die.
Don Francisco

"I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit:
for without Me you can do nothing." John 15:5


Trena B -Paxton said...

Happy 26th Anniversary! And to have a child's birthday on the same day, how wonderful. Glad that Stephen got his cast off last week.

Anonymous said...

To Our 26th Anniversary Partners:

What a great song! :) Thank-you for allowing our Lord and Savior to shine through you. You are an inspiration to us! In another twenty-six years we can count grandchildren. :) May the Lord continue to pour out His blessing on your lives.

We Love You,
The July 19th Partners

Anonymous said...

Ah...what a sweet picture. Look, Mommy and Daddy are matching!

Thank you for loving each other as Christ loves us. Your dedication to Him, and each other is precious! Your godly example is such a delight to be a part of.

His richest blessings to you, in the years ahead!

Happy Anniversary!

We love you,
Your adopted children

Kourtney Pyle said...

Happy anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Wissmann! God bless you!
Kourtney Pyle

Acts 2:17-18 said...

Your 26 years of marraige has proven to be a blessing not only to you both but to countless others. Your lives speak volumes of inspiration to all who know you and everyone here in our area cannot wait till your family comes back. May God continue to pour out His grace on your marraige and on your ministry.

With much love and respect,

Mike and Jayne Otterson

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Lren & Gloria!