Monday, July 03, 2006

The Home Front

The streets are freshly striped... the yards have been trimmed and mowed... the carnival has begun to set up... and its as humid as ever in Seward today. It must indeed be the day before July 4th!

Our little town of Seward grows from around 6,500 residents to over 50,000 for a day of 100+ events and activities -- and for our family, this is a highlight of the year! Our home will greatly expand as well, and these past several days we've been working to have everything ready for our 30+ guests who will arrive this evening (we can't wait to see ya'll!).

There will be plenty of opportunities for ministry here as well -- which have been in the forefront of our prayers lately. Child Evangelism Fellowship will have a tent in town with many youth coming in to work as staff, and our family has a concert at 2:00. We're looking foward to a full day -- stay tuned for pictures.

And speaking of pictures, here are a few we captured from this weekend.....

We're thrilled to have some friends from Orlando, FL here for the week. They've even pitched in to help with various projects -- including frosting cookies this morning.

And we've found time for fun, too! [smile]

Thank you for your prayers for Stephen. He is doing very well with his cast and has gone from the 'discovering what he can't do' stage, to relearning how to do all his favorite activities -- including picking out his songs on the mandolin! We're thrilled to still hear that instrument playing with the rest -- thank you for your prayers!

"You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being."

Revelation 4:11


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July!! How priviledged we are to live in a land with so many freedoms! It looks as if you guys have an exciting day ahead of you. We are glad to hear Stephen is getting along so well. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow it sounds like you are busy! I hope you had a great 4th, God Bless.

Kris & Michael

Kori said...

Thank you so much for spending time with Bryce and I while we were in Seward. I had a great time!!!I miss ya'll so much-- February seems so far away :( Hopefully it won't be that long! I love you guys!!!

oh yeahh-- I took my glow sticks out of my suitcase last night (all 8 of them haha) and they still worked!!! So I ran and put them in the freezer! I miss ya'll! We need to exchange pictures! Tell Fred I said hi!!! oookay I'm really going this time. I'll talk to you soon!!!

The Sahlstrom family said...

Hello everyone! We took a peek into your life and were blessed as usual. Isn't life wonderful? Thank you for being a family that serves the Lord together. We take comfort in knowing there are others that are choosing to stand out from the world and live as God's Word encourages us to! This truly is the abundant life. Bless you!!!!!