Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home & Away

We're home! No wait, we're leaving. Actually, we're unpacking so we can get packed -- or rather, re-organizing our luggage?! [smile]

At any rate, here are a few pictures from our latest journey ---

Every once in awhile we're able to take in a tourist attraction as we travel. This time, Daddy surprised us by stopping for a couple hours at the Mall of America. Whew! A great place to get some walking exercise!

We all enjoyed an afternoon of riding horses with friends near Spooner, Wisconsin. Our little cowboy just needs his hat!

And now it has been good to be home these couple days and dig into our bread baking, yard projects, correspondence, laundry, and other various 'family life' routines.

As we prepare to re-pack in preparation for leaving again tomorrow, I am reminded of the lyrics to a song our family heard recently. To me this sums it all up -- whether His calling is to load up in a 40-ft bus and head out on the road, or to serve in a community, a workplace, a home.

The activities of working, praying, teaching, cooking, scrubbing floors (or whatever it may be), are to be an outflow of our love for Jesus Christ. What matters most is not the size of the job, but the love behind our actions.

I just want to please the Lord
Be in His will in every way
To be lost in His presence, found in His likeness.

Hear Him say 'Well Done' someday.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home dear family! We're so glad your back, and are sending out greetings, hugs, and smiles 'across the miles'!:)

Thank you for sharing your adventures with us via the blog.It is so much fun! Though we look forward to hearing them in person soon!

Have a blessed day. We are praying for you!

Kori said...

Isn't the mall of America HUGE??!!! It's crazy! There are so many stores and the park in the middle is so big! I remember the lego world too! That was really neat! :) Looks like you had fun! Glad your home safely!

Monica said...

I've been to Mall of America once and we didn't get half way through it=) Where are you all heading this time?

unidentified poster soon to be journey said...

I've been to the mall of America many times but this last time I went, I found it hard to find a good helping of food anywhere. Now I know why.

Just wanted to let you know that my mind is more at ease now. I think we will be there again in 2 to 3 weeks. That should give them ample time to restock.

Praying for you

journey said...

Oh, by the way that last comment was for Rachel. It's not that you eat alot you just take the one I want.

Anonymous said...

Great picture at Lego World. I got lost in that Mall once, those directeries can come in handy every once and awhile(If you know how to read them):) If you go through Underwater World you can pet sting rays and little sharks at the end! And not to mention you get a really niffty sticker:)Have a great trip.

God Bless

Kris W.

BrittLeigh said...

Great pictures (as usual! :)) It's so fun to read about your trips... especially to WI! For living less than 2 hours away from the Mall of America all my life you'd think I should've been there by now. It'll have to go somewhere on my to-do list ::lol::

Miss you guys!! Have a great trip!