Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yes, our blog has a new look -- to our surprise as much as yours!

In an attempt to change the layout to be more 'style friendly' with our home page, I inadvertently saved my work yesterday and this is the result! Actually, we are still in the 'making changes' mode for this template, so thanks in advance for your patience as we figure out how all this html language works! [smile]

Always more to learn, right?!!


David Kent said...

I wondered about that. :-)

After having worked on the template for my current weather page for weeks last year, I know how complex it can be.

Bon Voyage on your upcoming trip and I'll be praying for your family, your ministry, and the inmates.

BrittLeigh said...

Hey, it looks nice!! Love it ;). HTML... it's so much fun!

Joel said...

I'm a HTML/XHTML/Dreamweaver designer... let me know if you have any questions about it! I'll be praying for the upcoming trip.

cori said...

I love your new layout! It's well done; good job, even though you're learning!

Anonymous said...

Okay, it is hard to post this comment, because everyone else is in such favor of your new layout.

But, if I honestly have to say how I like it? I'd say that I'm partial to your first design.

I quess what I miss the most is the softer backround. It was easier to read on, instead of the white, and I thought the taupe colors gave it a really warm feel.

This is only my opinion though, and it looks like I am kinda out-numbered. But a true friend tells something even if it's painful, right?!?!:)

Besides it's your blog! So keep blogging, and inspite of the layout, I'll keep reading(grin)!!

Much love, and hugs anyway!


Anonymous said...

When I first arrived at your site again, I wasn't sure if I was in the right place, but I like it.