Sunday, June 18, 2006


Happy 15th Birthday, Matthias!

What a joyous day it was when God sent you to our family! It has been a marvelous thing to watch you grow from a baby, to a little boy -- and now this past year, practically a young man! Along with gaining height and strength, (surpassing these sisters of yours!) we are grateful for your gentlemanly ways and servant leadership. May the Lord richly bless you in the coming years and may you seek Him for guidance in the decisions and choices that lay ahead! We love you!

"So you may walk in the way of goodness, and keep to the paths of righteousness."
Proverbs 2:20


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Matthias!!!
Love you BIGGER!!

Anonymous said...

We wish you a very happy birthday, Matthias. Hope you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. We love you. Uncle J. and Aunt D.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Matthias!! Praying you have a blessed day and year.

Kori said...


The Ulmer Family said...

Happy Birthday, Matthias!!! God Bless You Today and Always. We hope you had a great day!!
The Ulmers

BrittLeigh said...

A special happy birthday to you, Matthias! Many rich blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Ok Matthias, I know that you tryed to slip this birthday past me but after a day, I finally figured out who the frist picture was in the birthday blog. Then today, I discovered the second picture. It just confirmed my early assuption, it was either you or someone else celebrating their birthday. So how does it feel to be 21?

I just wanted to say a belated birthday to you and to let you know that you are a blessing and a great brother (in Christ). By the way, I just want you to know that the N.C. Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup tonight, so that could have been a ice skating rink outside the old house we toured in S.C.. And you laughed at me. who's laughing now? Don't answer that one.

God Bless.

Your unidentified poster

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday Matthias! You are such a blessing to all those who know you! We can only echo amen, to what was written about you. Your sensitivity to Jesus, and others is a big blessing! We trust that your day was as special to you, as you are to others!:)

Keep loving Jesus, and others can't help but love Him too!

PS--Sorry this is late, but I guess that is what happens when your not by a computer the day of your birthday?!?