Monday, June 19, 2006

Camp Pictures

Well, it is hard to pick which pictures to post from the pile of options, but here is a quick glimpse of the week at Prairie Bible Camp --

"Put On Your Armor"

Each morning started with personal Bible time. The whole camp was quiet as children sat reading their Bibles -- the younger ones with help. The most important time of the day!

The Life of John Newton (writer of "Amazing Grace")-- our 'cast and crew'!

Ruth organized the crafts for us this year - the girls made two quilts to be mailed to the mission field. Many hands and lively conversations made the teamwork fun!

Our closing program - the youth worked so hard on their memory verses this year and completed Ephesians 6:13-18. What a joy to hear their enthusiastic voices!


The Ulmer Family said...

So Glad to hear that everything went well!!!! :) Great Pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey where could I get a hat like that?? Neat pictures,
Moses U.

Anonymous said...

The skits were so good. You guys did a great job!!! Devotions were awesome too.