Monday, June 12, 2006

Camp Days

Prairie Bible Camp has begun and will fill our next few days with long hours and lots of activity! What a joy to see so many of 'our' kids again!!!

We are so grateful for our friends, Thomas and Abi, who have graciously given of their time and energies to help us for the week. It's great having 'adopted siblings' for the week, and besides the extra hands and creativity at work, we love the time for fellowship! Thank you guys!

As I know many of you will be upholding our family in prayer this week, I was encouraged by the following quote. We are depending on His bounty to supply us, and what a joy to know that through it all He is showing us Who He is!
"Whether we praise Him for His unfathomable
majesty or petition Him for daily needs,
is the expression of our dependence upon God, our whole-souled reliance
upon His power to sustain us,
His mercy to forgive us,
His bounty to supply us,
and His glory to overwhelm us
as we reflect on who He is."
C. Samuel Storms


BrittLeigh said...

Thanks so much for the update and wonderful pictures! Looks like a ton of fun and a good growing experience ;). That quote too is awesome.

Continuing to think of and pray often for you guys! We miss you here in Seward ;).

Monica said...

Glad to know that you all are having a good time. Praying for you.

Kori said...

Looks like ya'll are having so much fun!!! I'm praying for ya'll! ohh and I come to Seward in 13 days!!!!!! :) I'm so excited to see you guys again!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!!

Do we know those strangers in the pictures. You all look great.
Are you diving for any more burns Thomas? We miss you and are praying for you. God bless. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Love Ya'll
???? ? ?????

A mighty-mighty-scoop-noodle-challenge fan said...

I enjoyed my time at camp. It was so much fun. In the evening services, you could just sense the presence of God.

P.S. Your songs were awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you did at camp. I really appreciate you guys. Enjoyed the music and fellowship. Lives are being changed by your ministry. Hope to see you back next year.