Monday, April 03, 2006

The Weekend...

"Guess what?! I'm homeschooled!" a little girl on my team piped up during our lunch hour.
"Really?! You homeschool?" asked Celeste. "I homeshool too!"
And then a third little girl chimed in, "Both of you homeschool? I do too!!"

They were amazed and so-o-o excited to find out that all three of them homeschooled! Their sweet faces just glowed. What they didn't realize is that this whole children's conference was put together so their parents could attend our state homeschool convention!

The weekend was so exciting -- to see the children all learn and grow, and also to see my brothers and sisters step up and grow in their walk with the Lord as well. The verse the Lord gave me for the weekend was from II Corinthians 4:7 --

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels,
that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."

It is not by my might, strength, or power, but only through the power of God. He is the one who sustains during long, hectic days, (and short, hurried nights!)

The theme for the weekend was "Enemy Encounter," and really emphasized to us all that no matter what the situation, we must choose to do what is right, even though it is often the harder path. This was clearly demonstrated in the continuing drama about three soldiers. The first was a Christian who did right, and stood up for what he believed, and in the end was promoted. One was a scoffer, who later got saved and repented for his wrong doing. There were serious consequences -- but because of his changed life, he remained in the army. And the third was a 'fence rider', who ended up getting into big trouble and being discharged from the army because he always took the easy way out. It was very entertaining, and yet the message was very clear.

Here are a few pictures of the weekend --
Rachel taught the memory verses in large assembly - Psalms 44:4-8

Elizabeth helped out with any little thing that needed done.

Josiah, Andrew, and Matthias as enemy soldiers in the drama.

Ruth and Tanner on the playground.

Our intimidating "D.I." (Drill Instructor) -- to us known as 'Andrew'!

As I (Bethany) was a photographer, we didn't get a picture of me 'in action'! But here's a picture of my team.

"In God we boast, all day long; and praise His name forever."
Psalms 44:8


The Ulmer Family said...

Great Photos!!! Glad to hear everything went well!!! Looking forward to this weekend!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,looks like you all had alot of fun.
By the way Andrew,how is your head doing?!!!When Seth told me about that accident I laughed so hard!!All I could think of was,"Did it hurt!!"
Oh and by the way,I love your outfit Josiah in the "enemy soliders" picture!!