Monday, April 17, 2006

Seeds and New Life

With the coming of spring comes the joy of growing things. This past week we've enjoyed planting a tiny garden in our small yard. (As you can see by the picture of Alaythia, the pea plants will line our fence and entwine themselves upward as they grow.)

It is amazing how one can take a tiny, small, dead looking 'thing,' place it in carefully prepared soil, and cover it. Now we can't see it, but it is still working away. With watering and patience, soon we'll be able to see a sprout. But it takes more time, more labor, more patience until the harvest comes -- and (in our case) within the next few months we'll enjoy fresh peas!

"He hath made everything beautiful in His time." Ecc 3:11

How often this is true in our lives as well. God wants us to grow in His ways by abiding in His Word and seeking after Him. So often the changes seem slower than we'd like and it is easy to wonder if there is progress after all.

But part of growing is putting down the roots in the unseen places of time in God's Word and prayer -- deepening our walk and love for Him. It is often as we look back through these times that we begin to see how wonderfully the Lord has been transforming us little by little to be more like Him!

But garden seeds, faith, and character are not the only things that quietly grow unseen.

Can you guess another hidden treasure that is growing at the Wissmann's?!

Stay tuned.....


Anonymous said...

hehe I can!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I can too!!!! But if I would say, I would be crossing a certain some-one. Would not want to do that.


Anonymous said...

I know, I know!!!:) But I wouldn't want to spill the beans(I mean peas, but the other just goes better!), besides then there wouldn't be the surprise of seeing them come popping up through the soil!

Great thoughts as well. How often I want to see fast results, rather than learn patience in the process!

Take care, and know that love and hugs are being sent your way!

BrittLeigh said...

Ummmmm... You're killing me with the suspense! I'm a bad guesser. I have ideas though... ;o) Don't make us wait long, please! LOL!

I loved the post. Very good thoughts. Thanks, and I'm staying tuned!