Monday, March 20, 2006

New Orleans Ministry Trip

Just hours after returning home from our southern ministry trip last Sunday (March 12), our guys headed out with some men from church to work in New Orleans. They arrived home on Saturday, and we are so-o-o glad to have them back -- while at the same time, enjoying all their stories. I asked Josiah to write a short report on their time.....

This past week Dad, Andrew and myself had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans with seven other men from our church to help with repair and cleanup from Hurricane Katrina. What a great experience it was! We worked through a local pastor who organized our time to include lots of work projects, as well as see the devastation of the area.

The first two days, with the help of our roofer/foreman (thanks, Matthew), we roofed a house for an elderly Christian man. It was a joy to see his gratefulness as this whole crew ascended to his roof. It was great to learn the skill of roofing. The next day we finished gutting out some duplexes, and tore down a block garage with sledge hammers.

Although it was a lot of hard work it was also a lot of fun. One night we were able to go to the French Quarter and have some seafood. And one night "someone" (yours truly), put a little lizard in our pastor’s room [maybe he liked lizards??], which, by the next morning found its way into his boot [okay, so he doesn‘t like lizards].

When tearing down the block garage we discovered several large wooden beams that were supposedly junk. However, due to the thriftiness of some on the team, the pastor called to see if his wife’s co-worker could use the beams. Unbeknownst to us she had major repairs to do on her house, but didn’t have money to buy the beams needed. She burst into tears saying, “I knew there was a God, but I didn’t realize He was this personal.”

It was a great trip, and through it all I’d have to say my highlight was having time to fellowship with the guys from church, and to see God’s hand at work.



Anonymous said...

glad ya'll were able to minister again to others! may God bless your sacrifice... blessings to you girls too for giving up your men! :)
nicole c.

Anonymous said...

What an experience.I've alway's wanted to do something like that.I hope someday God will choose to use me to help someone in need.Until He opens the doors though I'll just wait on Him and serve those around me.
When the hurricane first took place our church sent a ton of stuff down to all the people in New Orleans.We had planned on mailing it all down but we ended up with so much stuff that they borrowed a pick-up and horse trailer,and our pastor's wife and daughter and an older gentelman drove it down there and distributed it.I wanted to go along so bad,but it just wasn't in God's plan. Amanda