Thursday, March 02, 2006


A day of new adventures. Today we had our first experience with film crews, big cameras, and 'live' interviews. Through our Orlando host family we had the opportunity to film a 28 minute program for a Central Florida TV station. The camera crew and show hosts were so kind to help us along with this new adventure -- even stopping a moment before the final 'take' to pray with us.

The weekly program, called "Today's Family" will air several times in the coming days, and we'd encourage you to pray along with us that many hearts will be touched as they tune in to watch.


Anonymous said...

that looked like a fun day
and it is always good to do new things
In Gods service
Bless you all


Anonymous said...

Hey, what fun!! Wish we could get that station. Good lookin' crew.
Love you

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome! What an open door to touch so many other lives! I know that Yahweh will continue to use your complete submission to Him in many ways!
Ya'll are such an encouraging family!
God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! One day soon I will be listening for you on a Christian Broadcasting Station that we can tune into in our remote area. Aberdeen, SD has recently acquired a full-time Christian radio station-how great that would be to HEAR your MUSICAL MINISTRY in our area and around the world-Praise God for all your works, Love A&P.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I can see it now... In theaters all across America, "The Sound of Music II", Starring The Wissmann Family themselves! *smile*
Blessings and prayers for you all!
Nicole C.
PS.Will you be selling this new movie on your website along with your recordings?!? :)

Anonymous said...


What an opportunity God gave y'all! Praise be to His name! I am so glad that we now know someone famous!!:) Can't wait to see how he continues to use y'all to further His kingdom here on this earth. May He pour out His leading on y'all each new day!

Love ya,