Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Susanna!

It's Susanna's 9th birthday today!

We are so thankful for you, Susanna, and the joy that you are to our home! Every morning it makes us smile to see the energy with which you tackle your daily tasks; we love your enthusiasm and whole hearted-ness. We pray that the Lord will continue to work in your life preparing you with the skills and vision for what He has for your life! We love you!

"Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices...You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalms 16:11


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Susanna! Hope you had a good day. Love, Grace Chmelar

Anonymous said...

Dear Susanna,
I hope that you had a very good birthday! Thank you for our fun times together. I miss you so very, so very, so very much! *smile* Can't wait to see you at Old Threshers.
Love Your Friend, Beth Chmelar

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susanna, this is Aubbie! :) Happy, happy birthday! I hope you get to have a very, very good day!
Love, aubrey

Anonymous said...

Susanna, at the risk of being repititous, I want too wish you God's blessings on your birthday! :) All of us girls are sitting here and thinking of you and would sing you happy birthday if we could! *smile*
Hope your day was great!
Love, Nicole C.

Anonymous said...

Susanna, I want to wish you Gods blessings on your life this birthday. You are growing into a fine young lady... keep Jesus #1 in your life. He will never let you down! Tiffany C.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about you all day. Hoping you are having a very special, fun day. Neat pictures of you.
We love you very, very, much.

Anonymous said...

To Da-birthday girl
May your day be filled with fun,family and all Gods blessings

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSANNA!!! I miss you so very much!!! I wish you were here celebrating your birthday!!! I miss all of ya'll so much!!! Have a GREAT day Susanna!! I love ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Susanna,
A very Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!
Have you been finding any people to give you piggy-backs while you are gone????? :) Well, if you haven't I will be ready to give some rides to the birthday girl when you get back!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend,

The Ulmer Family said...

We hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!! Keep following Jesus!!!!
The Ulmer Family

danalewis said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Susanna!!

It was a pleasure to meet your sweet family at Red Oak Community Mennonite Church on Monday evening! Our girls (Molly and MaryVance) enjoyed visiting with you and Hannah :)

We pray you had a very Blessed birthday!

Dana, for the Lewis Family

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Susanna. I hope you have a wonderful year filled with many blessings. Monica

Caleb Naylor said...

I'm kinda late, but happy birthday all the same!

Melanie said...

Well, I know I am 2 days late, but I want to get in on all the happy-birthday-ing too!

Thank you for your sweet spirit and heart for Jesus! You are a blessing Susanna.

God bless you
Melanie Berge