Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Waterfalls and Fellowship

Today we had the delight of going hiking along a trail of waterfalls with the Bontrager family. What a joy it was to fellowship with eachother and enjoy God's amazing creation at the same time! The pictures don't half do it justice -- it is hard to get the roar, the mist, the power, the awesome-ness, all in a picture! But we'll enclose a few anyway:

Andrew and Taylor -- getting ready to throw a snowball at me!

Alaythia, Allison, Susanna and Hannah
enjoying the sunshine and eachother!

One of many -- the incredible waterfalls.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful waterfall! I wish I could have snuck into someones suitcase:-)

rehm family said...

Greetings Y'all!
Thank you, thank you for the updates! It is so much fun to hear from y'all while you are on the road. What a pretty waterfall,(great shot Bethany)! Keep us posted!!

Love and prayer to y'all'