Monday, February 06, 2006

On the road again.....

Today we have been packing and preparing all the last minute details for our upcoming month-long trip. We'd ask for your prayers specifically this week (Feb. 8-12) as we will be working with Gospel Express Prison Ministries to share the gospel through music & preaching to South Carolina inmates. We are praying for a preparation of the hearts: for ours, that we would be pure vessels the Lord can work through; and for theirs to be open to God's Word.

Also, the following week (Feb. 12-15), we have been asked to present a family semiar in a North Carolina church. We'd be so grateful for your prayers as Dad and Mom share Biblical principles that have shaped our family -- and we children lead the youth activities.

God bless you all for your prayers and encouragement. We have especially enjoyed your comments and notes. Thank you! We look forward to sharing the testimonies of the Lord's work over the next month!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfits. Neat pictues.
Have a safe and wonderful trip.
Love and prayers

John said...

I like the pics. We actually just bought new outfits today, because we got a little tired of the old ones and some of us sort of grew out of them:-) You all are in my prayers. God bless and keep you all safe on your trip.

Anonymous said...

The outfits look fantastic!! The sashes are so fun!:o) Must be because you had such a great shopper along--just kidding?! Really though, you girls have a great eye for what goes, and creative ideas! Keep shining for Him!


Anonymous said...

The outfits look and sound great!! We are praying for you. Keep smiling for Jesus!

Love your,