Monday, February 06, 2006

Family Update

As we haven't been blogging about recent family news, here's a quick update.....

We arrived home from our Texas trip this past Monday (January 30th). A big thank you for all your prayers -- our first 'real' trip with the new bus was smooth and safe. Our family is so grateful for the opporunities that the Lord brought across our path to minister in this new area. We'd never been to Texas before, and were so blessed by the warm hospitality and fellowship we received. I think a few of us even started picking up on that gentle Texas drawl!

Hannah, Susanna, and Alaythia enjoy the warm Texas weather.
This trip also had it's surprises as Nathanael came down with a heavy case of the chicken pox enroute. We fixed him up with his own tub in the back of the bus -- and his own personal 'story-reader'!


Joel said...

It sounds like your trip to Texas went well. Will be praying for your next trip to SC and FL.

Caleb Naylor said...

Are ya'll coming through OK on your way to FL by any chance? I mean it's only maybe 8 hr. out of the way.:~) JK
Have a great trip!

God bless!

John said...

Thanks for the update. It is nice to keep up with what you all are doing, especially know that we know you:-) Have safe travels, God bless,

(: Kate :) said...

What a blessing ya'll are to others! Yahweh had shown me the same principle as in Acts 20:35 in a book I listened to earlier today! Thank you for having a life surrendered to Christ so that you can be used to confirm His teaching in another persons life!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, your web-site is so fun! Wish we could have seen you while you were in Texas, but we were out on another trip as well. We would enjoy seeing you; maybe our paths will cross again soon. May God continue to bless and strengthen you as you work in His harvest field. We love you all!
Janae Martin (& the rest of the family)
P.S. Its perfectly okay to have a "Texas drawl". It's really a great state!!