Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Family Life Seminar

Hello to all from North Carolina!

This week our family has been so blessed by an opportunity to present our first family seminar. We have experienced the Lord's strength being perfect in our weakness as we've stepped into this new venture. Dad and Mom have spent the evenings sharing principles from God's Word that have shaped our family -- and we kids have been leading the children's seminar with about 60 in attendence from ages 3-13. It has been a great adventure and we are so grateful for all the southern hospitality and warm fellowship of the believers here.

Thank you again for your prayers. We have really felt the Lord's hand at work through each of the evening session thus far - tonight being the final one. The evenings have been big, with lots of activies. To give you a little glimpse of what they are like...

Our 'trip to a village in Africa'

Hands on activities

Josiah sharing 'Elijah & the prophets of Baal'

I just have to add that working together as a team has been such a delight! Someone commented last night that "It was so neat to watch all you siblings work together and pitch in to get the job done!" I couldn't help but think, "That is the ONLY way to get it all done!" (grin) It truly is a blessed thing when brethren dwell together in unity. It so saddens my heart when siblings talk disparingly of one another. We are to encourage and build eachother up, not tear down. And as my brothers and sisters and I have worked together to get this done, we have again grown closer together. Amazing, eh? Hopefully the children will have learned something too -- not just us teachers!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you are all becoming experts on your skit productions!! Some of the photos are totally hilarious! Rachel and Ruth; really, how often do you fight like that??

Looking forward to seeing you all sometime when you get back up our way!!!
The Ulmers

(: K :) said...

Looks like ya'll are having a lot of fun! It's a blessing to hear of how Jesus is using you in so many lives! I really enjoy reading your updates!
We'll keep praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...


That is the best shot yet of you, I mean Elijah!!! How much of the "stuff" did you use?????!!!!!
The Lord bless and keep y'all!!!!


Anonymous said...

Man I love the picture of Rachel and Andrew! It looks like your having such a sweet conversation:-)
I could hardly tell it was Andrew though. Talk to Y'all later

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a blessed time sharing God's Word with the kids there! (I'd love to see your skits sometime! Will you by chance, be performing them at O.T??) :)
Thanks for your godly example of brethern living in unity! Keep up the good work!
With prayer for ya'll, Nicole C.

Mandy said...

Awesome post! It's so neat to see another family working together to serve the Lord!

I love how you pointed out that it wouldn't happen if you didn't work as a team! Siblings are the greatest!!! And it's one of the worlds best kept secrets! :-(

I've enjoyed reading bits and pieces of your journal this evening. Keep up the good work!

In Christ,
Mandy Dortignac