Friday, January 20, 2006

The Night Before a Trip...

Fred -- who has so faithfully helped us through thick and thin, the hard and small.
Thank you Fred! (And Happy Birthday again! :)

Guess what folks? It is 6am, and the bus is almost ready to travel! We take off later this morning, and the night has been a very busy one. Needless to say, most of us older ones have been up all night finishing last minute details. The driver went to bed early (okay, so midnight isn't quite 'early!') and the rest of us have been plugging away at various last minute tasks. So if we look a little scary in the pictures, just remember that we've been up for 24+ hours!

Elizabeth scrubbing sawdust off the ceiling.

Ruth, Matthias and Stephen cutting the foam mattresses for our bunk beds. The foam just came in the mail today! PTL that it arrived in time!

Ruth and I making beds...

The 'boys' room!

But I guess I'd better go finish packing. Daddy wants to be leaving in another hour, so I'd better go tie up my loose ends and get ready to go. Thank you all so much for your prayers as we've worked on the bus, and also as we prepare to head out. It is such a blessing to know that there are people supporting us in prayer. God's blessings to you all!


Anonymous said...


So glad you all got the bus done!!
We were just sorry we were not with you to break the 24-hour barrier.!! May the Lord bless and keep you all on your trip and may the bus run well!! Blessings and prayers!

BonnieJ said...

It is so amazing to read your journal, it brings to mind all of the conversion work we did on our bus, the late nights, the working in 10 degree weather, the deadlines, etc.

I pray you have a great trip! We're headed to TX ourselves tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Have Fun and God Bless you all...Christ Always, Amanda Luebcke