Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Love ya' Sis!

Happy Birthday Rachel!!

You have been such a blessing to our family, and esecially to me personally. You are such a wonderful big sister -- as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to grow up and be 'just like you' and I tried to watch you to copy everything you did. As a little girl, I remember you doing my hair and picking up after me. Then as we both grew, we had piano lessons, tea parties and mud 'fights' together. Now that we are both considered young ladies, I treasure the times we have to talk, share and learn from each other - especially at night when the four of us girls all pile on your bed! I think sisters are the best-est!

I pray that you have a wonderful day filled with suprises and special blessings, and that this next year may be one filled with the joy that comes from walking with Jesus.

I love you!


Rachel said...

Hey, Bethany! What is this?? -- blog sabatage? (grin)
A big THANK YOU to everyone for the birthday greetings! You've made it a very special day already and I feel like the 'blessed-est' girl ever to have family and friends like you! God bless you all!!!

PS. Bethany --I love you, too, 'Sis'

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Hope you are having a wonderful day followed by a year of joy. Enjoy your family and friends. We love you. Uncle J. and Aunt D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!!! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
-Kori Knuth

BrittLeigh said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! I've been lurking on your blog :o), and this sisterly little post was so sweet! Sisters are indeed the best-est!

God bless you today! I hope this next year of your life is the most exciting and fulfilling yet as you serve the Lord!

abi said...

Happy, happy birthday! I hope that your day was as special as you are!:) You have been such an encouragment to me, and an incredable example of what servanthood is! I love you, and hope that you will learn more of Jesus each new day!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! You are an immense blessing in so many lives. As you have been in mine. May the Lord bless you as you have blessed others! Love Ya, Anonymous